Our trainers are certified professionals whose goal is to help you get the most out of your workouts. Whether you're looking to push the limits of your fitness, stay healthy or need corrective exercise we'll personalize an exercise plan to fit your needs. 



Eliot Corwin

As a college athlete he developed a love of fitness and competition. He then went on to hone his communication skills as a corporate trainer before returning to graduate school with the intention of teaching. Eliot went on to combine the two as an ACSM certified trainer in 2012. Eliot strives to find the weak points in a person's fitness with the goal of making them well rounded and capable of meeting the physical demands in their everyday lives. After hours he can often be found behind a computer screen playing games or a workbench doing some woodworking.

George Sangiolo

George is an ACE certified personal trainer. He recently graduated from college with a BS in Biophysics, and he enjoys combining science and fitness to create more efficient workout routines. George has also spent time over the last decade learning boxing, kung fu, and muay thai, and has competed in amateur kickboxing competitions in recent years. He enjoys helping people feel more confident in pursuing their fitness goals using a variety of tools but grounded in basic principles. In his spare time, George enjoys cooking and continuing his training for competitions.

 Huy Lu

Huy graduated from Marymount University with a Bachelor's Degree in Health Science and Kinesiology.  He is passionate in helping his client's achieve their individual needs and goals through proper exercise programming.  Huy emphasizes the importance of core stability combined with strength training that uses proper form in order to avoid the risk of injury.  Huy has over 5+ years of experience of one on one, small group, and boot camp style exercise classes.  Each session with Huy is different and never repetitive - this allows the training to be engaging and always challenging.  When he isn't training, he works as a Wellness Consultant for an integrative medical company and spends time with his wife, son, and pug named Chunkie.

Joshua Skinner

Josh is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. He grew tired of spinning his wheels in the gym and not seeing progress, so he decided it was time to learn about proper nutrition and exercise; after six months of training wisely he had transformed his physique and made more progress than he had made in his previous five years of uneducated training. He has experience training for fat loss, strength gains, and bodybuilding. He applies fundamental training principles to achieve safe, efficient, and consistent progress. Josh chose a career as a fitness coach because it is a combination of two things he is most passionate about: health and helping others. Outside of the gym he likes cruising the back roads and spending time with his family.